Chemical Business Specialist Saudi Arabia


Minimum Requirements:
As the successful candidate, you must have a Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering or related specialty from a leading university. An MBA or Master’s degree in Economics from a leading university is preferred.
At least 10 years’ experience in the business and commercial side of the chemicals industry. Five or more year’s relevant experience with a large chemicals consultancy combined with at least 10 years industry experience. 
Experience with one of the leading industry consulting and forecasting firms would be a plus.
Thorough understanding of the economic and business factors related to the chemicals industry with substantial experience of applying that knowledge to develop a supply/demand and price forecast.
Sufficient understanding of chemical projects necessary to evaluate in depth and thorough economic analysis of petrochemical investments.
Ability to look at a situation both from a general perspective as well as to penetrate into issues in depth when required.
Proven ability to communicate effectively with management at all levels within the organization.
Strong written and oral communication skills. Able to communicate what are frequently complex technical, economic and commercial concepts in a clear and succinct manner to individuals and groups from diverse professional backgrounds.
Hands-on person who will immediately command the professional respect of others who possess long-term practical experience of working in or serving the chemicals industry. Persons whom others, at all levels, will seek out for advice and counsel.
Able to work effectively with the minimum supervision on relatively unstructured tasks.
Duties & Responsibilities:
You are required to perform the following:
Develop a short, medium and long term petrochemical supply/demand forecast on both commodity and specialty products, taking in consideration factors such as economic growth, substitution, technology, petrochemical feedstock and policies among others.
Develop medium and long term petrochemical supply/demand forecast on both commodity and specialty products, taking into consideration factors such as economic growth substitution, technology, petrochemical feedstock and policies among others.
Maintain a petrochemical industry database on supply/demand prices with focus on end-use product trends and potential new technologies to assist in the research of growth areas as potential targets for new investments.
Develop a comprehensive and up-to-date occasional studies to keep management informed about major market developments and actions by key chemicals industry players.
Help vet economics of complex chemicals project proposals for own, joint venture and/or acquisitions in coordination with other company organizations and teams.
Assist in the training, development and mentoring of younger staff.
Develop, maintain and utilize an extensive network of contacts including strategic advisors, investment banks, international and national oil and gas companies, think tanks, academics, and consultants.
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